Women Fitness Specialization

Girl power! Train women of all ages and body types, including younger, pre-and postnatal, and older women, to stay fit and healthy by using the Optimum Performance Training T (OPTT) model and nutrition principles.

Women's fitness requirements change as they progress through life! With NASM's Women's Fitness Specialization, you can assist your clients in successfully navigating them (NASM-WFS).

Whether it's your interest in the subject or you want to better address the fitness needs of women, the NASM-WFS provides you with the knowledge to confidently design safe and effective programming to support women in their fitness and health pursuits at all ages and stages of life. The NASM-WFS will show you how to immediately apply the NASM Optimum Performance Training® (OPT) Model to meet their changing fitness and wellness goals, from the effects of hormonal swings and physical changes, to pregnancy and menopause, to evolving nutritional needs, and motivational nudges and psychological issues.

Increase their reputation, career, and client base by training women of all ages and body types, including younger, pre- and postnatal, and older women. Teach clients about good nutrition and how to use the Optimum Performance Training" (OPT") Model to manage their weight. Provide corrective exercise, cardiovascular exercise, and small-group training.

Rs 43,500 / Year

Women Fitness Specialization

  • 01 Year Training
  • 14 In-depth Chapters
  • 14 Learning Videos
  • Fully Interactive Learning Platform
  • In-Depth Glossary
  • Downloadable Handouts

Rs. 43,500