Corrective Exercise Specialization

Learn how to identify your clients' individual fitness needs and movement patterns to reduce the risk of exercise-related injuries. With our newly improved NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization (NASM-CES), you can increase your earning potential while also reducing your clients' risk of injury?elping them move, feel, and live better.

You'll also discover how to:

  • Determine movement dysfunctions
  • Assist clients in enjoying their active lifestyles.
  • Create personalised training plans
  • Bring in new customers

Benefits and Features -

  • Expand your skill set to become the trainer who can successfully assist any client in moving better so they can accomplish more both inside and outside of the gym. This will open up new job prospects.
  • Develop your skills by mastering the four-step Corrective Exercise Continuum (CEx) approach and developing client-specific programmes that target and help correct each client's unique movement compensations and dysfunctions.
  • Earn more: Compared to other Certified Personal Trainers, NASM-CPTs with a NASM-CES earn 26% more.
  • Aiding others in leading healthier and more satisfying lives.

Corrective exercise is an essential component of any comprehensive exercise programme. Regardless of athletic ability or fitness level, nearly everyone has some level of dysfunction that increases the likelihood of injury. This could include muscle imbalances, decreased flexibility, or a lack of core and joint stability. Leading fitness professionals should be able to identify these dysfunctions and develop an integrated corrective exercise training programme to help their clients avoid injury.

CES 3 Additional Exam: Rs 28200/-

Rs 58,000 / Year

Corrective Exercise Specialization

  • 01 Year Training
  • A current NASM-CPT certification
  • A current health and fitness certification accredited by NCCA, NBFE or DETC
  • REPs Level 3 or higher credential
  • 4-year collegiate degree

Rs. 58,000