Senior Fitness Specialization

Learn how to be a helping hand and a guiding force for ageing adults who want to stay fit and active in a safe environment. As a Senior Fitness Specialist, you'll play an important role in keeping active ageing adults moving, motivated, and healthy. Learn how to safely guide active Older clients through the OPTTM Model while keeping physiological considerations and physical goals in mind.

Keep this expanding market fit and healthy! Senior Fitness Specialists with NASM:

  • Profit from the rising need for physical fitness professionals for active older folks to advance their reputation, career, and clients.
  • Enjoy the ease of the flexible schedules of many active older adults.
  • reduce fall risks and maintain independence
  • Understand your limitations, common health issues, the aging process, and common exercise challenges.
  • invest not only in their own lives but also in the lives and futures of their clients!

NASM's Senior Fitness Specialization course contains 13 in-depth chapters covering everything from program design for older adults to assessment strategies, nutrition considerations and so much more. The online course includes a fully interactive digital glossary so that you can look up terms and see what page you're on.

Rs 43,500 / Year

Senior Fitness Specialization

  • 01 Year Training
  • 13 In-Depth Chapters
  • 12 Learning Videos
  • Fully Interactive Learning Platform
  • In-Depth Glossary

Rs. 43,500